Hey Doc!! Big fan of yours, any advice could you give me? My fish have been flashing 2 weeks now, finally saw Ich thru microscope, and treated MGF 4 days but flashing got worse, so I pulled fish did another scrape found chilodonella, then started PP treatment. The first treatment lasted 3 hours and the next day 4 hrs but not sure yet if I cleared the pond yet but any advice I would greatly appreciate! Thanks!
Both Ich and Chilodonella are easy with Salt, are there live plants in the way of doing that?
Ich in cold water can hide from FMG for kind of a long time and you have to dose pretty consistently.
But the Chilodonella should not have even survived the first dose of FMG
So, something's wrong in this.
If you can use salt there,     I'd recommend it. But the live plants if present, will be harmed.
Potassium won't clear Ich. Potassium can't sustain in the environment long enough to clear both life phases of Ich.
Potassium will kill the shite out of Chilodonella.
Videos and more on Chilodonella: 

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Hey doc!! Big fan of urs any advice could u give me my fish have been flash 2 weeks now finally saw ich thru microscope treat MGF 4 days flashing got worse pulled fish did another scrape found chilodonella started PP treatment first treatment 3 hours next day 4 hrs not sure yet if I cleared the pond yet but any advice i would greatly appreciate it thanks Ray

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